Nose Still Crooked After Rhinoplasty, 2 Months Post Op.

Hi, i had my op 2 months ago. I had quite alot of work done, my nose was broken to make it straight. As it was slightly to the left. I had a hump removed, and had a 2-3mm to achieve a slight " ski-slope" look. Also my tip was re-inforced, and had strips of cartillge placed at either side of my nose. Im now 2 months post op, and my nose seems crooked to the right, i didnt have much swelling and my doc was suprised on how quick i am recovering, so im unsure if its swelling or not.

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Nose Crooked 2 Months Post-op

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You cannot evaluate your nose 2 months after surgery. The appearance will change as healing progresses and swelling decreases. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon, but wait 6-9 montths before deciding if any revisions will be necessary.

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2 month nose is not your final nose

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Since you are 2 months post op your nose will continue to undergo change for the better.  I would not place a lot of stock in the appearance of your nose at this point.

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Nose straightening after rhinoplasty.

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You should wait at least 6 months since the nose is still swollen and the see your surgeon or get a second opinion from an experienced rhinoplasty revision surgeon.

Toby Mayer, MD
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