Nose Correction and Jaw Implants? (photo)

I got a septoplasty 2 months ago, initially there were no problems and the doctor did a great job with the surgery. I ran into some complications and my nose came out crooked, How long do i have to wait before i can do revision surgery? further more, I think that my face is a bit narrow and would like to widen the jaw a bit. what would be the best option for me? any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

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Septoplasty and Jaw Angle Implants

By your description, you had an isolated septoplasty as opposed to an external rhinoplasty. It would be important to know what was done in your original surgery and analyze further pictures to see what your nose now needs. That would also influence the timing of the revisional procedure. The width of your face could be improved by the placement of jaw angle implants.

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Nose Correction and Jaw Implants?

Dear Imperatornd,

Thank you for your question and photos.  A septoplasty by itself doesnt have a huge effect on the straightness of the nose.  A rhinoplasty can correct this and any tip work you might desire.  Jaw implants along the angle of the jaw is a reasonable way to give you more jaw line definition and increase the 'squareness' of the jaw.

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