Nose Contraction After L-silicone Implant Removal?

Hi doctors.. I had my L-silicone implant removed 2 weeks ago and my nose seems like having contraction. I had the implant just for 3 weeks. The tip is now located higher to the center of the nose, the columella is becoming higher and shortened. And the nostrils are pulled up to the center of the tip, like a piggy nose with more obvious nostrils. I don't want to go undergo surgery anymore.. Do you think it would heal itself?

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Rhinoplasty revision

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Without knowing more details it is impossible to answer your question. If you had some nasal cartilage removed to allow better fit of the implant and then had the implant removed your nose will naturally contract with upturning of the nose. The only way to fix that would be to place another implant or cartilage/bone graft so the nose does not collapse on itself. The question then is why was the implant removed? Did you have an infection and if so was it present long enough to destroy your native cartilage. If that was the case you still need the same surgery to correct the problem. It will not go away by itself.

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