Shape Change and Stiffness 2 Months Post-Op, Will It Get Back to Normal?

i had a rhinoplasty about 2 months ago and no tip nwork was done but only a hump removal was done and an a breaking to make the nose slighty slimmer to achive and small top and wide base nose, however, my nose tip is very pinched right now, and my nostrils show more than asked for though no work was done and my nose is crooked, on side is flaring while the other isnt, also my tip is lifted and is really stiff it doesnt want to be meleable, my doc said it would be normal like before, is this true

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Shape Changes and Stiffness 2 months after rhinoplasty.

It is completely reasonable to have stiffness and some shape changes at two months.  I tell my patients that 85% of the swelling goes away after 3 - 4 weeks and the remaining 15% of swelling takes 3 months to a year to settle down. All along that time you will notice shape changes, more obvious now, less obvious a year from now.  As for the tip of the nose, if the surgeon did not touch the tip, then any changes may be a result of the manner in which the incisions inside the nose are healing.  Best if you have your surgeon take a look to make sure they are healing appropriately. 

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