Can I Have my Nose Cartilage Graft Bump Reshaped with Injections?

i have a wierd shape at the top of my bridge. which was built by rib cartilage.and i wanted that bump removed but the surgeon said it might require alot of working to open the re-stitch it again.bump thats i want!? can injection remove this? and i also heard about using fat injection for permanent results?

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Injections with fillers can help a nasal bump

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Injections with fillers are very useful to non-surgically camouflage a nasal bump. In my practice we call this a "non-surgical nose job." Without seeing a picture of you, it is not possible to say if this is a good solution for your problem, especially if the rib cartilage graft is warped.

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Bridge Implants

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The weird shape might be a warped rib graft. Rib grafts can warp over time. This should not be difficult to revise. I would not recommend injecting anything to revise this.



Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
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