Nose cartilage is blocking airways after surgery, What surgery is best for a revision?

Hello, My daughter is 16 when she was 14 she had a injury that resulted in a severe deviated septum. A rhinoplasty surgery was done and cartilage was removed and septum straightened. She now has blockage of cartilage on one side and the cartilage has grown into her gums causing pain and droopy nose. She has Asthma. What would be the best surgery for her with the best outcome of being able to breath and less complications? And will it change or alter her appearance as her doctor says?

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Nasal cartilage blocking the airway

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There are multiple issues that can cause blockage of the airway and nasal obstruction. These include allergies, Chronic sinusitis, valve collapse, vestibular stenosis, a deviated septum, and a nasal fracture. An in person examination/ consultation is required to determine what the obstruction is. It's important to start with medical management first such as cortisone nasal sprays, antihistamines and decongestants. If medical management fails, then consideration for surgical improvement of airflow.
Valve collapse and vestibular stenosis are treated with spreader grafts harvested from the patient's own cartilage. A deviated septum is repaired with a septoplasty to improve airflow dynamics through the nose. Endoscopic sinus surgery is performed to remove polyps and open obstructed sinuses
For more information, diagrams please see the link below  to our functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty website

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Nose cartilage is blocking airways after surgery, What surgery is best for a revision?

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Female noses are not mature at 14 and usually will continue to change until at least 15-16 years of age. If she is having symptoms, by all means she should get a consultation and exam. Until that exam is done your question cannot be answered. Septal surgery does not change the looks of the outer nose, a rhinoplasty will.

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