How To Address Nose Bump Without Surgery? (photo)

I've a nose bump, this is because i met with an injury that broke my nose..earlier my nose was normal, now the bump looks weird for my face. it grew bigger and bigger later..i'm worried, i dont want to go for any rhinoplasty.Please suggest any other ways of removing the hump,like medicines and all..Plese help

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Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is not appropriate for your particular situation. Sorry.

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Hi Kkdon;

The photos you have submitted are very submitted are very helpful to me and are consistent with having had an uncorrected broken nose.  Noses do not necessarily grow, but with time, sometimes the nasal tip drops a bit and changes can occur.  Apparently, you are not comfortable proceeding with rhinoplasty.  Of, course, that is your decision. 

Unfortunately, for your particular situation, nonsurgical rhinoplasty, or correction of some nasal deformities using a temporary or permanent filler, is not appropriate.  The reason is your nose hangs down, it is long, and, in fact, if you had fillers done above and below the bump, you would then develop a beak-like nose which, in my opinion, would look even worse.  There are some other issues, including the tip and the nostrils, that probably bring some dissatisfaction on your part. 

My best advice:  forget the nonsurgical rhinoplasty.  You should address the issue of why you are so concerned about having a rhinoplasty.  It is an excellent operation with a low complication rate, and a high success rate - provided it is done by, ideally, a "super specialist" nasal surgeon who has a long record of experience, and a high degree of specialization.  Ideally, someone who has practiced, in the majority, is nasal surgery.  And, because you have had an injury, you may have a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, and nasal obstruction as a result of the injury, which could be addressed at the same time.

I had rhinoplasty years ago; it was amazingly simple and uncomplicated with almost no pain afterward, a prompt recovery, and made a very happy patient!  I might tell you that I was back at work in one week, felt terrific, and looked very good. 

For many decades, I have witnessed a constant parade of happy patients who have had rhinoplasty.  If there were a substitute, I would recommend it - unfortunately, there is not.

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