Swollen Bridge 2 Months Post Rhinoplasty

hello! I have had 2 +1/2 months ago rhinoplasty and I have been waiting for the swelling to go, but it does not ... on the contrary my nose bridge seem bigger now than when i removed the plaster. It feels heavy and stretches painfully and I cannot make grimaces as cheeks, front and all of nose and sides are very heavy and a little painful when i make facial movements. Also inside 1 nostril i can see white surfaces and I dont know if this is pus and if it has been expanding inside my face?

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Swollen dorsum after rhinoplasty

The first question I would ask is , " Did you have a graft to your dorsum and what was it?"  This is an unusual circumstance and my suscpicion is that you are having some problem with a graft.  That may be the tip of the graft you are seeing in the nostril.  If you had no graft then I would suggest some antibiotics to see if the swelling is some low grade infecton.  Consult your plastic surgeon.


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Rhinoplasty healing

Dear Mitoula,

I would go see your plastic surgeon regarding this matter.  The swelling could be due to soft tissue swelling that should come down over the next few months, it could also be related to the nasal bones being too wide.  It is hard to tell without looking at you.

Typically, pus forming in the nose happens pretty quickly...days instead of months.  If you have pus, the nose would start turning red, be warm to touch, be painful and more swollen.  Your surgeon can tell you if you have anything to worry about.

Just remember that changes happen over the first 6 months, so it could just be prolonged swelling, but see your doc to be sure.


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