Nose Bridge Too Soft and No Definition After Revision?

Hi, I had a silicone nose implant in for 2 years taken out on November 29, 2010 because it shifted to the right & was a little too "big" on my delicate face. In open rhinoplasty, the doctor replaced the implant w/ ear cartilage. While the ear cartilage feels more "natural", I fear no definition & there seems to be a lack of support because of its softness. I miss the "defined edge" of the silicone. Will the cartilage harden and get more defined? My tip is hard, but my bridge is too soft!

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Revision rhinoplasty

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No pun intended but it is hard to say how the tip or the  dorsum will feel long term. Most people do not like the hard edge look of the silicone.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Loss of definition with removal of silicone

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A rib graft is probably your best option - solid rib grafts do give the more defined look to the bridge you may be after - diced rib in fascia produces a softer result

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Bridge changes after silicone implant removal

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Having had a "too large" implant in your nose a smaller cartilage graft would be expected to provide less definition.

However, the skin over your bridge should continue to shrink wrap over time which should help with the definition. Depending on our skin thickness and age the redraping can take over a year to evolve.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How a nose feels after Revision Rhinoplasty.

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As difficult as it is, patience after a revision rhinoplasty is imperative.  At one month postoperative, only the earliest swelling from your surgery is decreased.  

In the next 6-12 months, the firmness of your nose (tip)  and the appearance will change as your own cartilage remodels in the space that your old silicone implant used to occupy..   Most people will also have some areas that are temporarily numb after rhinoplasty that will improve. 

Travis T. Tollefson, MD, MPH
Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon

Cartilage Grafts in Revision Rhinoplasty

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At this point in time you are less than a month post op, and no surgical intervention is necessitated.  You will need to wait until approximately 9-12 months postoperatively, for the swelling to subside and scar tissue formation to be complete, before the final conformation of your nose can be assessed.  At that time, the ear cartilage graft may not aesthetically or functionally work, and a revision may be necessary.  If that is the case, rib cartilage may be necessary to provide a more sturdy framework for revision.  I suggest you follow the instructions of your current surgeon, and allow time for healing.  Good Luck, Dr. Corrado.

Anthony Corrado, DO
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon
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