Can a nose bridge be built up? (Photos)

I had sx just to narrow the bridge of my nose. I hoped to keep the length and downward facing tip, as well as the convex curve of my profile. Fascia was added to my upper bridge, and some tip projection was done for narrowing.I'm 6mo PO and my nose looks upturned, as well as sloped in profile.Caused by the new dip between my nose tip and bridge.If that space could be built up (rather than removing the strut), it would both give me back my profile/oblique and create the illusion of a more turned down tip.

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Do you need revision Rhinoplasty?

Second rhinoplasty surgery can be difficult - and results can vary.  Unless your feeling of deformity is profound, I recommend first waiting a bit.  Talk with your surgeon.

If after 10-12 months from your first surgery, you are still dissatisfied, and there is a noticeable problem, then repeat surgery may be used to  treat such things as a depression in the profile or upturned tip.
Best  Wishes.

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Complex secondary rhinoplasty

your nose can be improve
you need someone experienced with secondary rhinoplasty using rib cartilage grafts - I would love to help you if you live near Austin or are willing to travel here

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
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Nasal bridge reconstruction

he will likely require a cartilage graft of the dorsum and possibly spreader grafts to extend the nose or or length in the nose to a position similar to where it was before.  With these photographs and no physical exam it's hard to give great advice or information.

Review of these concerns with her surgeon and asked to go over some more of the details of the operative report.  That will give you more insight into what was done and what can be done for you.

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