Nose Bledding, a Bad Sign?

I had a closed rhinoplasty (to remove a hump) more than two months ago. Today I had a sudden nose bleeding. It wasn’t bleeding profusely and lasted for like less than 1 minutes but I am worried that it might be a symptom of a problem. Do I have to be worried? Do you think it has something to do with my rhinoplasty and if it does, what can it be?

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This bleeding may simply be do to an internal crust comming loose. I doubt that this is a sign of any problems of great magnitude.

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Nose Bledding, a Bad Sign?

Best to call and see your chosen surgeon for an intranasal examination. Most likely nothing but you never know. 

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Nosebleed after Rhinoplasty

Minor nosebleeds are very commone events even in people who have not had surgery, but I would recommend a follow-up appointment with your surgeon to check out how everything is healing.   Things to consider are if you have had any recent injury or impact to your nose or if you have started any medications or supplements that can cause you to bleed more easily.  If you experience a significant amount of bleeding or if it does not stop with cold packs and pressure, you should see a physician urgently. 

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