I Had a Nose Bleed 4 Days After my Rhinoplasty and 911 Told Me to Squeeze the Tip, Will This Damage it?

I am wondering if I damaged my tip or if the swelling is increased due to the removal of the splint. It is swollen, numb feeling and I think it looks worse than before surgery. Its now been 10 days after my surgery and I'm disappointed and worried because I liked the shape now it looks swollen and not changed.

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Do not squeeze your nose right after surgery!

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Hello. First of all, bleeding after rhinoplasty is not uncommon. You should get in touch with your plastic surgeon for management guidelines. For the most part, small bleeds can be managed by sitting upright and using a "mustache" gauze. Sometimes your doctor will prescribe vasoconstrictive sprays that will diminish oozing. However, if bleeding is more severe, you will have to go to the ER to meet your plastic surgeon. You should not squeeze your nose or remove your splint unless instructed by your surgeon. An exeption to this of course would be a massive bleeding episode which would warrant any maneuver necessary to stop or slow down the bleeding.


In terms of swelling, rest assured that noses can swell up a whole lot after surgery, and even look worse for a few weeks. It is also normal for them to feel hard, tender and numb. Give your surgery some time and talk to your plastic surgeon. If after 2-3 months you are still disappointed, then it may be a good idea to seek a second opinion. Hope that helps.

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Effect Of Squeezing Nasal Tip After Surgery

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Dear Brandy,


I understand that you had to manipulate your nose by pressing on its tip as an attempt to stop the bleeding at 4 days post-op.

That said and based on the concerns you expressed, I believe that it is important to have your surgeon take a thorough look at your nose (in and out) to make sure that you did not temper with the results of your surgery especially that you were "FRESH" out of surgery when you had to squeeze your nasal tip.


Thank you for your inquiry and the best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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You need to see your surgeon now.  If you had a nose bleed and you have manipulated your nose, the doctor needs to see you!

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