Nose Looks Bigger After Rhinoplasty - Is this possible? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty done in May 2010, I hit my nose on December 2011 which has got me paronoid my nose doesnt look the same. But its got me looking into photos before I got hit and it looks bigger. I added some images from near the time I got it done and it looks nice and slim, I been comparing it to recent images and I got it in my head its bigger. Is it possible it can get bigger after getting it done? Good images taken Oct 2010, 5 months after op. Other images sept 2011. Thank you.

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Larger Nose after Rhinoplasty

Thank you for the pcitures you submitted, but it would be easier to answer your question by comparing photographs taken by your surgeon. A nose will not increase in size after rhinoplasty. If your nose looks thinner immediately after your operation, the trauma may have caused a change in appearance.

Richard W. Fleming, MD

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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