Can a Nose Appearance Fully Be Restored After Nasal Fracture?

I broke my nose very, very unfortunately during a game of football (soccer) in school. After visiting hospital, I was sent to an ENT Specialist. Her report for my nose was : - nasal deviation to the right, - no septal haematoma and no septal deviation. My nose bones were '"fixed" using closed nasal reduction a week after my original injury however I still believe my nasal bridge is still a slight bit to the right despite most saying it's straight. I am currently 16, what should I do?

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Restoring Nose Appearance

A closed nasal reduction was an appropriate first step for the repair.  Once nasal growth is complete, it is possible to refine the appearance of the nose. Consult with 2 - 3 surgeons in your area who can conduct a thorough consultation including physical examination. 

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Restoring Appearance after Nasal Fracture

A closed nasal fracture reduction is a safe effective way to treat a fracture. Sometimes it is necessary to refine the appearance after the nose has healed. If you're a lady this could be done any time as long as it has been a year since the reduction. A young man should wait 1-2 years until nasal growth is complete.

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