Is this just a dent or mid vault collapse? How to treat it? (photos)

I am 7 months post closed rhinoplasty.I have a dent on both side on the bridge since cast removal. there was an improvment in the depth of the dent over time but never disappeared. Is this a mid vault colapse? I consulted a surgeon other than the one who did the primary surgery and he said he can fix it using a rib graft if my septum was not enough or weak. I am concerned about the rib graft because I am thinking that my nose is not botched and it is not severly damaged.

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At 7 months this is not going to go away . Your skin looks thick and as a result you have too much fulness below the dent . A small crushed cartilage great can fill the dent in the middle - I do not think a rib graft is needed

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