Did I get ripped off with my surgery? (Photo)

Im in my almost 7weeks po op ..I had lipo done in my abdominal, flank, bck and thighs and transferred to my buttocks..I suppose to have a round bbl..I don't see alot of diffrence for what I pay for..over 500cc was transferred Can a doctor tell me they could've done a better job for the price of 9700.. My thighs still looks nothing was taking out and abdominal still pops out and yes alot of loose skin.but my butt is lifted but not round like a ❤ shape.very dissapointed..

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Getting ripped off from surgery

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I don't think you can put this in the category of yes or no or being ripped off or not ripped off.

Based on one of your after pictures your Brazilian is quite impressive.

Certain shapes are possible for certain people and for others it's not.

A lot of the final results are based on what the person looks like and what their body shape and fat distribution sorry before surgery.

It appears your abdomen has quite a bit of muscle distention most likely from possible previous pregnancies and intra-abdominal fat.

These are not treated from liposuction and you should not expect to get a flat abdomen if you still have bulging muscle layers because of the above.

I think we would need to see proper before and after pictures with better angles to tell you for sure but I would say it looks like it's a pretty good results.

Thigh liposuction sometimes gives dramatic results and other times it does not.

I've certainly seen a lot worse and many patients with much less change and what you're showing.

At seven weeks it's much too early to determine final results but you're getting closer to a point where you should be excepting what the final results will look like.

3 to 6 months you're result will be final.

Continue following up with your doctor, hopefully a board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns.

For some people we can deliver better results than others and some doctors obviously have more talent and experience the others.

Price does not correlate with quality of care though those who charge lowball prices usually do not have the expertise or experience.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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