Upper eyelid surgery without losing my epicanthic fold? (Photo)

Caucasian female, 33 years. I had a breast lift and augmentation and a chin lipo a week ago, and then I also asked my PS if he could remove excess skin from my upper eyelid. He said he didn't want to do so, because he wasn't sure the outcome would be good. So I am wondering; is there really nothing to do with my heavy eyelids? I have noticed as I've aged, that it only gets worse. I would like to keep the epicanthic fold, even though no one in my family has it, and we are not Asian.

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Upper eyelid surgery

The outcome of any upper eyelid surgery is really dependent on the surgeon and how much skin is removed. I believe that if the design of upper eyelid surgery for you was done correctly, that you could obtain an improvement while still keeping your epicanthal fold.  You might try getting a second opinion from another surgeon.  

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