Thread left underneath the skin after breast lift. Can it be removed? (photos)

This is a picture of my vertical scar after breast lift in April. There's a thread underneath the skin that the doctor hasn't removed (around 5-6 cm. long). It's mostly underneath the skin, but a little bit on the middle of it is on the outside. It has most lightly stayed in the same place for months since I believed it was just crust. It feels like it's grown into the skin, so I can't get a hold of it. Do you think it can be removed, even though it's probably been like this for 5 months?

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Re-excision of Remaining Stitch

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The patient will go home in a bra or with only light dressings over the incision lines. Sutures are dissolvable but an ending knot, if present is removed within 1-2 weeks. Initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication. Light activities may be started in 7-10 days.

Now, the fact that there may be one of your stitches remaining under the skin can be questioned with your surgeon.  If you have #hypertrophic or #keloid scars they can be a problem. The worst are usually under the breast with an #AnchorLift or inverted “T”. These can be treated like all thickened scars with re-excision, laser, kenalog/5-FU injections, creams, silicone strips and other methods to reduce and improve healing.

Suture Left

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Thank you for the photo,  It does appear to be a suture, and yes, it can be removed.  I would not advise you to try to remove it yourself.  I would advise that you return to your surgeon and have him/her remove it.


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Thank you for providing photos. It does appear to be suture material. Next step for you is to see your plastic surgeon and they will be able to remove it for you. This sometimes happens 5 months out and even longer after surgery. 


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Yes that looks like a spitting suture.  That can be removed.  If you are not able to do it, go back to your doctor and they can remove it for you.

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