What Surgical/non Surgical Adjustments Can I Do to Achieve a Face in Harmony? (photo)

When I look into the mirror I cant put my finger on whats missing, I would like for my face to be more symmetrical . I would like to achieve a feminine face like Scarlett Johansson , don`t get me wrong, I don`t want to look like her but to me she have a perfect feminine face with perfect symmetry. Is there anything I should consider in thoughts of getting the face I have in mind ? Would a chin implant help make my features more feminine, or are my cheeks to weak ?

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Perfect symmetry do we want this?

Perfect symmetry is not usually considered a sign of beauty, because if you want to be critical, every model has asymmetry and that is what makes their face interesting and beautiful. If there are specific things that bother you and they seem reasonable to correct, then certainly go ahead with surgical procedures. It is best to see a surgeon in person to determine this. Good luck.

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Achieving Facial Harmony: The best way to highlight your inherent beauty!

Your thoughts are great with one exception- DO NOT GET A CHIN IMPLANT.  Your chin deficiency is not only horizontal, but vertical and a chin implant cannot achieve this and will only create a strange appearance.  I would likely recommend a genioplasty and rhinoplasty combined with a procedure I call aesthetic facial balancing.  I take filler or fat( in your case fat would be best) and balance all features in your face from top to bottom to make them work together to 'unlock' your beauty.  Part of the problem you are seeing look to me like improperly place lip fillers and a nasal dorsum that does not match the nasal tip.  I commonly draw profiles for patients like you to demonstrate the necessary changes and would be happy to provide you with one.  To demonstrate the concept of aesthetic facial balancing, I actually balanced my own face with hyaluronic acid and filmed it to make a mini documentary.


In short, a well planned rhinoplasty genioplasty and fat grafting to the face has the capability to bring out your femininity and beauty.  I hope this helps!


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Facial Harmony

First, let me emphasize that you do not want perfect symmetry, it is less beautiful and interesting than a face with slight asymmetry.

My opinion is that you put your finger right on the problem. My critique is that the lower 1/3 of your face is short, and your chin is not prominent enough on side view.

A chin implant may be the answer.  First however, you should get evaluated for your dental occlusion (how the teeth fit together) and I would suggest that you may need special facial X-rays (cephalometric exam) to get a better evaluation of facial structures.


Don't forget that non-operative things can also be done, such as change in makeup, hair style/color, etc.  This is less expensive and risky.


Exam is needed to be sure.

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