Who is the best surgeon in the world? I need a reconstruction in my Pelvic/vagina!

I want to see the best suregon in the world. I allready had a laparaskopic hysterectomi because of cystocele and rectocele, i have a broken ligament or muscle on the right side. I altso have s rectocele operation to repair the broken backwall in the vagina andfor thigtenen my vagina and a perineum plasty. My vagina was connected with mesh, but now i feel my cervix hanging very low and i Can feel my bladder bulging info my vagina. I am altso very vide-especially to the right side.

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Reconstructive vaginal surgery

Dear FrkFjong:

Thank for sharing your personal medical problems here on RealSelf.   After reviewing you letter it is apparent that you have had surgical failure after having a hysterectomy for what is known as vaginal prolapse.   I do not want to correct what you are saying because perhaps your surgeon told you  that he was going to perform a hysterectomy because of a cystocele and rectocele------ but one does NOT perform a hysterectomy for neither a cystocele or a rectocele.  This would not be appropriate.  A hysterectomy can be performed for uterine prolapse and you could have had a cystocele and rectocele also present.  If your vagina was reconstructed with mesh it would be very important to understand where your surgeon placed the mesh. Was it from he vagina to the tailbone?  ( sacrocolpopexy), was it used for your cystocele or rectocele?  

have you had intercourse yet and if so was there pain associated with it? 

My partner, ( Dr Moore) and I have operated on patients from 50 states and 54 countries. We are accustomed to having patients come from around the world to Atlanta or Beverly Hills and perform reconstructive pelvic surgery.  We have an office in Dubai but we do not perform complicated cases of vaginal reconstruction at that location yet.  We have performed more laparoscopic reconstructive vaginal surgery than anyone in the world.  We have performed almost 2000 sacrocolpopexies to lift the vaginal apex (without uterus) and uterus ( if the uterus is still present). We have performed more than 3000 paravaginal repairs (for cystoceles) and more than 5000 rectoceles.  Both Dr Moore and I have 4 more years of reconstructive gynecologic surgery than the average gyn surgeon.  I did 2 extra years of training in urogynecology and reconstructive vaginal surgery after my initial training in gynecologic surgery followed by 2 more years of training in laparoscopic reconstructive vaginal surgery, followed by 2 months of cosmetic vaginal surgery and 3 months of neuropelveology.  Dr Moore also did 2 years of gynecologic cancer surgery instead of the laparoscopic surgery which I studied.  Between the two of us we have 50 years of surgical experience and have operated on more than 9000 patients. we have also removed more than 1000 pieces of mesh and only remove mesh if it needs to be removed because it causes problems for the patient. We are also pioneers in cosmetic vaginal surgery.Please review our website and see if we meet your medical needs.

John R Miklos MD

Urogynecologist & Reconstructive Pelvic Surgeon 

Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

Recurrent pelvic prolapse in need of a repair

You are describing a very common problem - recurrent pelvic prolapse following reconstruction. You are right in looking for the best possible surgeon to perform your next procedure. There are many good surgeons in Norway, but if you feel you've already seen the best in your country, then you should be prepared to travel.

You need to look for a Fellowship-trained Urogynecologist with experience in both Reconstructive and Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery. You should interview more than one. I would be happy to be considered amongst the ones you consult with. Please see link below where you can find information for our patients who travel from abroad.

Best of luck, 

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Aguirre Specialty Care - Pelvic Surgery & Intimate Aesthetics®

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Denver Urogynecologist
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