Rhinoplasty post-up after 11 months. (photos)

I had a closed rhinoplasty exactly 11 months ago. But I'm just a little worried. I think my nose still looks big, my nostrils are still uneven, I have a hump on the back of my nose AND the most disturbing part is that I have a bump (edema???) on one side of my nose. My surgeon says it will go away, that it's because I had a meaty nose and thick skin, so the healing proces is longer. But it's been 11 months already! is it normal? I posted pictures too, hope to get some answers, thanks.

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hs20, no one can or should answer your questions as it is impossible to tell you for certain what you are seeing without an exam. After one year if you are still dissatisfied see an experienced surgeon that specialises in "only faces". Search the Internet and look for a lot of good photos. Good luck

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