What kind of Vaginoplasty gives the best result(sexual)?

Im not done with the recovery from my own procedure, but Im looking at pictures here on this site, and see that most people also get some of their labia sown together. With my procedure it was only in the canal itself. Will I get less of an result when the area which the labia minora is connected to is still wide?

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The Best Vaginoplasty entails...

A full vaginoplasty has two components: the outer tightening which is called a perineoplasty, and the inner tightening which is sometimes called a colporrhaphy with levator (kegel) muscle plication. Both are essential to achieve maximum vaginal tightening when the levator muscles are loose. Without the perineoplasty, the vaginal canal will feel tighter, but the vaginal opening will feel loose. There are more sensory nerves at the vaginal opening. Therefore, to omit this component of the vaginoplasty is a mistake. Nonetheless, a perineoplasty can be done once you have healed from your surgery.

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Thank you for sharing your questions and concerns. It sounds as though you only had the inside of your vagina tightened.

Most of us who performed vaginal tightening surgery divide the surgery into two components. The first is the internal tightening of the vaginal canal up to the cervix thereby decreasing the diameter of the vaginal canal and increasing friction during intercourse. The second step is the perineoplasty which is reconstructing the perineum: the area between the bottom part of your vagina heading towards the rectum this allows for removing of any prior scars experienced during childbirth and also tightens the entrance to the vagina. By performing both of these at the same time the patient will feel tightness upon entrance and tighteness inside the vagina as well.
The good news: You can still have a perinroplasty performed at any point post vaginoplasty.

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Vaginoplasty evaluation

My suggestion would be to let the area heal totally, see how sex is. If the tightening procedure worked well, sexual sensations should be enhanced. If that is all you need, then I would not pursue further surgery. However, if you didn't get the results you were expecting, then discuss this with your surgeon to see if further surgery would benefit you.

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Vaginoplasty for sexual function

Vaginal laxity is caused by loss of connective tissue tension (inside) and loss of muscle and skin tone (outside)   Both need to be addressed for a complete result. 

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Vaginoplasty & Perineoplasty


Dr. Pelosi has said it perfectly, so I shall not repeat what he has written. What you are seeing on the post-operative photographs of "vaginal rejuvenation" or "vaginoplasty/perineoplasty" on this site is the fact that, when the "outer" perineoplasty is performed correctly, the "perineal body" (the "underfloor" of the vaginal opening) is built back up after scar tissue from the opening is removed, widened tissue from the opening is removed, and when this tissue (from ~ 4 o'clock to ~ 8 o'clock at the opening is removed, and the perineum is carefully repaired, the lower-most part of the labia are re-aproxiated, giving the appearance of how you looked "pre-children," with the base of the labia closer together in the midline. 

Hope this clarification helps! The weblink below gives additional information. Very best,

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