Should I be happy with the result? (Photo)

Got my breastimplants 6 months ago. Breastlift was done two years ago. I am not happy with my result due to the rippling. The implants are placed in front of the muscle because the suergeon insisted it would look good. I does not feel natural because I can feel the implant all the time. It also seems like the are not sentered. The right breast is worst. My left breast has 280cc and my right one has 300cc. Will be very grateful for every answer and advice. Thank you Sincerly Christine

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So the two main reasons for your rippling are the fact that you have saline implants and mostly that the implants are on top of the muscle.  The ONLY solution is to move the implants to a subpectoral (behind the muscle) position AND even better to do so with a silicone gel implant.  Do not allow the PS to add more saline to the implants.  It will only get worse, most likely.

Unhappy post aug

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I think there is very little soft tissue on your breast so silicone and under the muscle.What also might help is to consider doing some fat grafting say from your tummy to your breasts to give them a more natural look.I call this a composite aug ie implant plus fat. 

Sorry to hear.

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You are describing several issues associated with sub glandular augmentation. I am confident that even without seeing you in person and performing a proper physical examination, that there are options for you to feel better about your breasts.

If you are not happy your three options are:

1. Do nothing and get used to it

2. Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. If you are confident he or she can achieve your desired outcome with revision surgery, this is an option you can chose to pursue.

3. Seek another opinion by scheduling a consultation with another experienced board certified plastic surgeon who is knowledgable about not only primary breast augmentation but revisions.

Best of luck to you, and I would not give up hope just yet.


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I understand your concerns.  There are a few reasons to put the implants above the muscle.  Some of these are to add cleavage no attainable with submusclar implants,  chests wall abnormalities, and a few other issues that will become long term problems with submusclar implantation.  If subglandular implantation is done.  More often than not rippling and visability of the implants can become a problem.  Using conhescive gel. Using texture or placing the implants beneath the fascia are all things that can be done to help the visability of the implant.    Most importantly, visit you surgeon and discuss with him options to correct your concerns.  If you have lost trust in him,  make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon in the area.  


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Thank you for your question and photos.  Rippling is not uncommon in some women who get implants placed above the muscle.  If you are considering a revision, please be sure to clearly voice your displeasure with your current result to ensure that it is resolved.

All the best,

Dr. Results
Miami, FL


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Rippling may occur with any saline implant, especially when placed in front of the muscle in thin women. Placing the implants in front of the muscle does give a more "natural look" and more natural movement. You might want to consider switching to gel implants placed behind the muscle. Should you have fat to donate, a fat transfer could also be helpful to minimize the rippling. I would suggest meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon, perhaps your doctor, and discussing all your options.

Unhappy with implant result

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Thank you for your question about your breast augmentation.

  • In the front view, your result looks nice
  • But you are clearly not happy with your result.
  • Rippling can occur, especially in slim women.
  • You can discuss having the implants placed under the muscle - there might be less rippling and you might not be able to feel them so easily.
  • If they are saline implants, you can consider switching to gel.

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

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