I have read a lot of side effects of propecia and I am not willing to take risk about going with it.

PSO has been found to reverse hair loss, but this study involves patients taking PSO orally. I am planning to apply PSO topically. Kindly guide me if it is good idea to apply PSO topically..?if applied can it be absorbed directly into the blood and block DHT production and if there is possibility of having similar side effects as propecia. Thanks in advance for answers

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Pumpkin Seed Oil

There is no scientific evidence that Pumpkin Seed Oil grows hair when taken orally or applied topically. This is outside the traditional medical field

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Different options

Hello, Omivora.

I understand your concerns and I always say: "better to be safe than sorry".  If you don't feel safe doing something, there are always alternatives.Treatments such as  PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Low Level Light Therapy are proven to be very effective and will help your hair slow the loss rate and regain its healthy look and density. Keep in mind that the use of non surgical treatments is to be continued for life in order to be effective and to avoid going back to hair loss or thinning  A consultation will be ideal to detect the exact problem and look for the best possible solution as we have many different options nowadays. Best of Lucks!!!

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