I had butt implants a month ago. My stitches have opened up. What can I do? (Photo)

Hi:-) i had buttimplants 28.07.15 today i saw that sutures opened up a little with bleeding.. what can i do? please tell me before i get infection :-*( HELP

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Buttock augmentation

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If your incision opened, you should see your surgeon to make sure your implant is not exposed. Best of luck.

Open incision after Buttock Implants.

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Hello, and thanks for the question. From the photo, it looks like the openings are separate and small. The majority of the incision looks intact, and I don't see any significant swelling or redness around the area that would indicate a larger, more serious infection. You may, however, have had several small infections associated with dissolving sutures (called suture abscesses) that look like they have drained, leaving these open spots. This is not unusual.
It is unlikely that these openings communicate to the deeper tissues or to the implant pocket, but you should see your plastic surgeon to check this out.
Most likely, these will heal without further problems. Keep the area clean with soap and water once or twice a day and apply an antibiotic ointment and cover with a gauze pad.
If the area is moist (and these incisions can become moist due to the location) you can use an alginate dressing to absorb some of the excess moisture and help these heal faster, but you would need the input of your surgeon on this.
Hope this helps!

Open incision after buttock implants

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Thank you for asking about your buttock implants.

  • Please see your plastic surgeon immediately.
  • You cannot get care for this problem on-line.
  • You are correct - you are at risk of infection around the implants so please don't delay.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Hope you found this answer helpful. Best wishes

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Incision open after Buttock Implant

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In my experience if an incision is open the patient needs to be seen immediately.  The open incision is an invitation for bacteria.  Go to your plastic surgeon as soon as possible. 

Wound opening after butt implants

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If you have your implants placed well inside the muscle, you should not have to worry. In this case, you are probably dealing with a superficial wound healing problem not communicating with the implant. This is not infrequent after buttock implant surgery but responds very well to conservative treatment (I prefer varihesive dressings) and secondary healing.
Keep clean and dry and speak to your surgeon that looks like a minor problem best managed conservatively. A different thing is if the implants are placed outside the muscle, then problems can arise. But if it just superficial,and the muscle well concealing the implant, you should have no problem.

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