Will the bridge be permanent?

I Wonder if asian or other who gets rhinoplasty to get higher bridge by using ear, septum or rib cartilage, Will be permanen? Will the nose shape look the samme years after years (rest of their life)?

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Thank you for your question. Rhinoplasty is a permanent surgical procedure intended to improve the aesthetic appearance and the structural operation of the nose. Changes to the nose can be both dramatic and subtle; but no matter what, changing your nose will improve your overall look. I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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Asian Rhinoplasty decisions

The most important question to answer is how you feel about your nose, since the decision to pursue elective cosmetic surgery is purely personal one.  

The safest way to achieve a natural-appearing and permanent result is with Asian rhinoplasty using autologous grafts (tissue from your own body).  It's important to maintain the proper proportions between the tip and bridge to create the most attractive results.  

If you do decide to pursue surgery, be sure to do your research and get the opinions of several board-certified surgeons experienced and respected in Asian rhinoplasty before proceeding. 

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Is Bridge Permanent after Augmentation with Cartilage?

Nasal cartilage, grafted or present since birth, will change as we age . The grafted cartilage used to augment the Asian bridge will respond to aging the same as the adjacent inherited cartilage. In that sense it is permanent.

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Augmentation rhinoplasty

Sara20000, nothing in life is permanent except death and taxes! See an experienced surgeon that does "only faces" and has good photos. I prefer cadaver rib for these purposes. See the video and good luck!

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Asian rhinoplasty

Augmenting the bridge with cartilage or an implant isn't permanent, if you are considering rhinoplasty, you may benefit from an in person consultation with a board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in Asian rhinoplasty.

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Asian Rhinoplasty: augmenting the bridge and permanence

Asian rhinoplasty is a surgery to improve the shape of the Asian nose, addressing typical features: low bridge, under projected tip, acute nasolabial angle, thick skin, wide base, and bulbous tip. 

The bridge is an area of focus. It can be raised with cartilage grafts. For a small augmentation, nasal septum cartilage works. For a typical augmentation, rib cartilage works well. Ear cartilage is soft and curved, so I don't feel that it works well in my technique. After 6 months, the cartilage should be stable. After that the skin over the bridge may stretch over the graft, but it should remain stable for the rest of your life. 

I would consult with a rhinoplasty surgeon who understands the Asian nose features for a safe and happy result. Safety comes first. 

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