Will I need a Breast lift and will my sensation come back after implant removal? (photos)

Hi. I am considering implant removal. I have had breast implants since mai 2009 now I am 24 years old. 300 in both under muscle. I have some pain in my left breast and total loss of sensation in both of the nipples. I am considering taking them out. I have gained some weight over last two years. I am considering taking the silicone implants out. Will I need a breast lift? And will my sensation come back? Sorry for my English. Regards from Norway.

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You may not need a breast lift after implant removal

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When the implants are removed, a lot of time the skin will contract to a smaller shape. Unfortunately, only time will tell and everyone reacts differently. If you do not want implants anymore I recommend removing them and letting everything heal. In 3-6 months you will know if you need a lift or not.
Good Luck.

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No return of sensation

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Just take them out and see what happens. I doubt you will need a lift but rime will tell. The nerves were damaged and will not recover at this point in time which is a rare event for breast augmentation. Good Luck!

It's unlikely that you will need a breast lift

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Thanks for the photos.  Based on your age, volume (cc) and position of the implant, as well as your pre-op pics, I don't believe that a breast lift will be necessary.  #Weight gain has added to your breast volume, so it's likely that your breasts will still be fuller and more relaxed than your preop condition.  Regrettably nipple sensation is unlikely to return after explantation, however the diameter of the areolar will likely shrink to be proportionate with a smaller breast. Do consider where to make a "scar" for removal of your implants as once they are no longer there, the periareolar (around the nipple) location may become "depressed" or dented.  Good luck.  

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
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#Explant #BreastImplantRemoval - will I need a lift? Sensation return?

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It's hard to say for sure from photos, and I don't see a clear post-op photo.

But in general, the factors that tilt toward needing a lift include the size of the implants, how long they were in place, what the patient's skin is like, weight changes, underlying medical issues, etc.  If there is any question, and you'll willing to stage it, just have the implants removed and then give it 6-12 months to give your breasts a chance to contract on their own.  Some women have been surprisingly pleased with their result and have ben able to avoid the lift, with its attendant scarring.

Sensation is unlikely to return at this point.  It is a relatively rare complication of the surgery and even more so for it to be bilateral.  You may have an aberrant nerve distribution - but exactly why it happened is academic.  It is almost certainly permanent.

You should see one or more board-certified plastic surgeons in person for a full assessment and recommendations.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. Alan Engler
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Need for breast lift after implant removal

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Hi elita13. Thanks for your post - your English is fantastic! It is notoriously difficult to predict how breasts look after implant removal. Often, some lift is needed to restore a natural, youthful shape. However, your youth is in your favour - there may be some favourable skin retraction.  Good luck!

Lift post implant removal

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Since you were done in 2009 I do not think your nipple sensation will come back and after looking at your photos I don't think you will need a lift.


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Once the implants are removed you can wait a few months to see how your skin retracts and at that time determine if a lift is needed or not.  Unfortunately the nerve damaged that occurred during the initial placement (which is rare) will not be resolved with the removal of the implants.  You are young and I anticipate your breast skin will retract nicely!  Best wishes! 

Breast lift?

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Having had the implants for several years your breast and skin has stretched to adapt to the additional volume. If you do an explantation, even though you have gained weight, there will be a significant decrease in your volume - 300 cc. I can't predict if your skin and breast tissue will tighten or remain somewhat lax afterwards. If the skin doesn't tighten then a breast lift would be necessary.
Sensation is likely not to return, though the pain in the left breast may improve.
Best of luck!

Asaf Yalif, MD
Roswell Plastic Surgeon

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