Juvederm lip injection. Can I get rid of these pockets? (Photo)

I did my last lip injection for about 1.5 year ago. Now I have in my upper lip, like 4 'pockets' they have bin there for very long but I thought that they would disappear after time. My lips are still very large since the injection. Could it be fillers left in the pockets and can I get rid of them?! I'm very worried. I have a appointment to a doctor in one week but I'm so worried. Can you please help me?

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"Pockets" after filler in lips

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If filler is placed too superficially into the lips, it can create a visible lump or nodule that can persist for a long time.  Hopefully, a hyaluronic acid filler was used since these fillers can be reverse with hyaluronidase.  If not, these may need to be surgically de-roofed and extracted or excised.

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Juvederm Injections in the lips

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It appears that you have too much product placed superficially in the lips that can be dissolved with Vitrase.  Best to consult an expert in lip injections.  Best, Dr. Green

Lip pockets

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Vertical lip pockets are common in the central lip. These can be filled by a skilled injector. This is not an uncommon problem. Remember to be careful about choosing a qualified physician/practitionar. 

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