I wonder what is best between placing butt implants under the muscle or within the muscle?

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Butt implatn under or within the muscle

Whoever told you that you could go under the muscle has not performed a butt implant. If you go under the muscle you will cut off the blood supply and nerve supply to the muscle entirely. The ideal location for your implant is to go in the muscle and this is in the superficial aspect of the muscle.

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Best placement of buttock implants?

I prefer to insert the buttock implants through a 1 1/2 inch long incision along the inner curve of each upper buttock cheek at the level of the tailbone, similar to two opposing parentheses ")(" (concealed within the crevice between the buttock cheeks) and the hip implants through a ~ 1 inch incision just below the beltline above the hip region. The buttock implant should always be placed under or within (muscle thickness permitting) the gluteus maximus muscle. In this position, the implant is less palpable, less visible, and does not sag or shift/migrate over time unlike implants placed on top of the muscle or "subfascial".

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Buttock Implant

Both procedures, the intra-muscular placement of the buttock implant and the sub-muscular placement of the buttock implant are challenging techniques.These require good experience and technical expertise.Intra-muscular placement of buttock implant is always high placement of the implant because of the anatomy of the gluteus muscle.Sub-muscular allow for better placement of the implant and creates a hammock of the muscle inferiorly so as not to allow the implant to be displace inferiorly.Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience and expertise

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