Fat transplant lips; is it permanent? (Photo)

Hi I just had fat transplant to my lips one moth ago. The lips look really asymmetrical. Is it permanent? How could this be improved if it persists? Does fat survive into the lip area long time?

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Asymmetrical lips after fat transfer

Except in FAMI procedure the fat is injected randomly crossing the 20 muscles of facial expression. Since this volume is not natural your body can digest it but asymmetrically.You can help your body to discard what you do not want by pressing between your thumb and index fingers the lump responsible of the asymmetry.Try steadily when you look the TV with an hand mirror in the other hand, and do it, 1 hour a day during 3 weeks!

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Fat transfer

It typically takes 6-12 weeks for the fat to fully reabsorb and remodel especially in areas prone to swelling such as the lips and eyes. That being said, if there are asymmetries, you can always use a small amount of filler to correct the asymmetry and make it less noticeable. I would wait another month or two before attempting anything in your case.

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Dear me, myself, I
Thank you for your question and photo!  It is a little difficult to tell the exact shape of your lips - and it would be good to see a before photo.
The fat absorption is fastest in the first 2 months.With Warm RegardsTrevor M Born MD

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