Lower eye surgery. Is there a permanent way to get rid of these dark tear troughs? (Photo)

Is there a permanent way to get rid of these dark tear trough below my eyes? Is there a surgery where you can cut away some exess skin? I can easly feel that I have exess skin below my eyes that I want to get rid of. The exess skin have started to make nasolabial folds. My family has the same problem and it gets worse with age. I have tried tear trough restylan. That had no effect or results. So I am not interested in waisting more money on non-permanent treatments.

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Relieve darkness under eyes

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 I have added a link that might be helpful...

Hi U91NO. Thank you for sharing your photos.  I have had success with injecting platelet rich plasma into the lower eyelid skin, combined with microneedling. It is unfortunate that making the tear troughs shallower with a filler did not help. Another cause of darkness is from chronic swelling/inflammation, such as what occurs with allergic swelling-using antihistamines to control swelling can help.  Darkness also occurs when skin is thin and underlying veins create a bluish hue-these veins should not be treated with lasers or sclerotherapy. Consult with a certified plastic surgeon who is well versed in PRP treatments and who will examine your lids to determine your candidacy to have the skin removed.  Good luck!

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