Cleft lips, is it is something that someone can do to make it look better? (photos)

I want to ask if that's possible to make better my lips it's feeling empty between scarface on top of lips. Also lips line it possible to make that straight And if anyone have some advice or observations or whatever just write it thank you

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Cleft revision

Hello and thank you for your question.  The short answer is YES! There is much that can be done to improve your scar.   

From the photos it appears you had a bilateral cleft lip.  These often require more than one surgery to get the best possible appearance.  Your post does not mention your age?  I would recommend a revision of the lip scar that narrows the philtrum, and decreases the upward tension on the two peaks of cupid's bow.  There is also a noticeable line and the wet-dry line that can be improved.  

Later, you may consider a rhinoplasty.  In bilateral clefts, the tip of the nose is often under projected, and this can be improved.  

Visit a craniofacial surgeon for a consult and they can give you more specific advice.

Best of luck,

Dr Rodman

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