Would chin and cheek implants make my face more masculine and attractive, or would buccal fat removal do the job? (photos)

I want to look more masculine, and I want my face more defined. A square chin implant would make my face look more masculine, right? But what about cheek implants? There are 3 different implants, for higher cheek bones, one below the cheek, and a combined. But what to choose? And what about buccal fat removal? That will remove that child-like looks, but will it be necessary if I do both chin and cheeks? (I have done a nose job, by that way) Guy, 18

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More masculinity

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1. You are 18. Your facial bones will grow until age 25.
2. Growing fashionable stubble may help.
3. Buccal fat removal will make you look gaunt.
4. Malar implants - or filler such as radiesse or fat transplants along the cheek bone will give more definition.
4. You facial profile proportions are excellent. A chin implant will give you a squarer jaw but changes the profile.
5. Given your age, start with Radiesse.
6. If it looks good, continue or have a malar implanm, perhaps a chin implant.
7. Any implant should be of silicone to allow removal if it looks wrong as your bones grow.

How can you look more masculine?

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A simple, inexpensive way to look masculine within 6 to 12 weeks is to grow facial hair. A beard, or mustache and goatee would add years of a more mature look to your features.

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

Possible cheek and chin implants

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I would say that chin and malar augmentation are both options for you.  For the cheeks, I would recommend the malar implants and not the submalar or combined implants.  I would not recommend buccal fat removal for you.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Would chin and cheek implants make my face more masculine and attractive, or would buccal fat removal do the job?

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Yes, absolutely, you can make your face more masculine with cheek implants or Radiesse!  The goal is to give you a more angular look to the face.  As for the chin, it appears you chin may be a bit receded and would be well served with a small implant.  

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