Questions on textured implants- Textured Inspiras or Gummy Bears? (Photo)

I have 304cc smooth round Natrelle implants under the muscle. I already had 1 failed revision for bottoming out. Due to overdissected pocket I believe. My new ps suggested either the brand new Natrelle round gummy bears or the Natrelle Textured Inspiras (truform2). He'll be recreating my pocket. I have reservations for both implants: rippling for the Inspiras and firmness for the gummys. Any feedback so I know what to expect? I've come to love my smooth implants.

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Internal mesh

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your new surgeon may be able to repair your IMF(fold) with suture techniques alone, but the repair will be stressed by the large implants pushing down on them. Having a piece of internal mesh(ADM, galaflex) something to reinforce the lower pole is your best choice for long term results. As for natrelle implants, the new gummys are too firm especially after you have had smooth rounds. I prefer mentor or sientra implants. 

Consider internal bra for recurrent bottoming out

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Implants do not drop over time because of overdissection, it is related usually to the tissues being too thin to support the implants and the action of the muscle pushing down. If you like your current implants, it makes more sense to add internal support with an internal bra using Strattice than to change the implants. If you do change, the Inspira implants have a higher fill ratio than the Style 15 that you have now so they will ripple less. 

Breast implant revision

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Thank you for your question and posting appropriate pictures. I am sorry you are going through these revisions. Your answer is very much textured implants with of course proper pocket management. I find Sientra textured implants to have the best feel and the right texturing. Please discuss this option with your plastic surgeon.

Bottoming out

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You have bottoming out,. You might want to consider smaller( not as heavy implants and a revision of the pocket with ADM to support the lower pole.

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