Jaw/teeth movement

I'm 24 years of age, had braces from 16-18. Recently I have noticed my right central incisor has moved over the lateral incisor; with it my chin offset with the right side edging in front of the left. I was wondering if the teeth movement had any correlation to the chin/jaw movement? If so would braces fix this problem? Thanks

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Correlation Between Tooth Movement and Jaw Movement?

Without pictures, it is difficult to say but if your teeth have moved in such a way as to alter your bite then yes your jaw to jaw relationship can be changed by your teeth moving. 

It is possible you can correct the problem with braces or clear aligners but it sounds to me like your original orthodontics was not very stable and you may very well require some arch development in order to create sufficient space for all of your teeth to fit in a straight position along your dental arch.

Good luck!

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