Breathing problems from floating rib pain and swelling. What can I do?

Almost 2 yrs post op. Went from a b cup to a c cup. Cut in under breast and so is the implant. Saline. The left side they put more in to make breast a symetrical because of my s curve in back. Ive had strange non stop tinggle for a yr almost in fingers. No pain anywhere. Just tinggle never stopped. After recovery i worked one week and it started. I have floating rib pain. Tinggling in thoratic back. Now i have pelvis tilt. Ablique tightness. Pain like a cortisone shot in butt in the exact loca

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Breathing problems from floating rib pain and swelling. What can I do?

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you for the question. It would be
difficult to fully assess your situation without an in-person examination.  Contact your board-certified plastic surgeon immediately and
have a full evaluation. Best of luck.
Dr. Michael Omidi. An
in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to assess
your needs and provide true medical advice.

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Meet with your surgeon

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You should meet with your surgeon immediately. It is difficult to help you without an in person examination. 

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