C-sections 1994, 1996, 2003, 2006, 2013 tubaligation 1996, reversal of tubaligation 2002 and tummy tuck in 2002.

Sometimes when I twist to wash while in the shower I feel something cramp up in my abdomen almost like a twisting of something inside. Can scar tissue from all of these abdominal surgeries be causing problems with my intestines? And what test would they do to see how much scar tissue is present and if this is what is causing the problems? I had a CT of the abdomen and it was normal but I am not sure if that shows scar tissue and if something is twisting or getting in the way of my intestines.

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Scar tissue post c-sections

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Hello Thank you for question. It would be best to be seen by your family doctor or surgeon who performed your surgery for an in person assessment and to possibly request additional tests. 
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