I had a dental implant from a very good surgeon 8 days ago. I have pain & paleness on my gums above implant site? (Photos)

I have had some/limited pain after surgery, my main concern is the paleness of my gums above the implant site. It does not look heathy compared to the rest of my mouth and i assume there is poor blood flow? I am also concerned about the the white thing next to the post.. Will my gum heal over this, sorta looks like bone but I'm not sure

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Normal Healing

It's normal to see the tissues white. That is part of the healing process. Yes, the tissue will grow over the implant Which is also normal with the implant process. Pain is also normal because its fairly new. If you have any other concerns return with your doctor or call if pain persist.

Recent implant pain and gum healing


It is always best to go back to the surgeon for him/her to look at the surgery site to make sure all is healing well.  Normally there can be some pain due to the trauma of the surgery for a week or two.  While the gum is healing it initially looks more whitish then it will turn pink and normal as it matures.


Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
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Dental Implant

You should see your dentist for the consultancy because there is some problem in your treatment or may be you didn't follow the instructions properly.

Shahin Safarian, DMD
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It looks fine

It look fine! From the photos you posted it looks like stitches are still intact and the implant is still tucked away under the gums. 

I just keep doing your home care as prescribed and avoid touching the area with your tongue or fingers. 

It will heal before you know it !

Hisham Kaloti, DDS
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