Light Skin African American with Freckles. Skin Type 5, Northern Virginia. How Do I Get Rid Of These?

I've had freckles all my life due to frequent sun damages (playing out without sunscreen). I learned my lesson. I know wear sunscreen but I really need to get rid of these freckles. Can laser really remove freckles on an African American with light skin? If yes, what laser is more appropriate? I've read that IPL does not work on Dark Skin. My freckles are darker than the surrounding skin so proper laser could target the dark spot/points without damaging my skin right? Thanks for your help

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Laser Treatment and Freckles

Thank you for your question. Your skin presents an exceptional challenge as the risk of stimulating normal skin pigment to produce more pigment than is being removed may cause the area to look worse than it does now, also known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Try various bleaching creams with sunscreen and chemical peels options first, use sunscreen, and then consider laser options only as a last option, and  only with a test spot first to maximize safety.  See a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon who is skilled in laser surgery and treating dark ethnic skin types.  I hope this helps.

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