Can I mask black triangles with a gingival mask while undergoing Invisalign? My smile is negatively impacting my life. (photos)

I am 1-year post-op with LANAP. My perio is now stable. I have 4 old veneers (20 years) on 7,8,9 & 10 that need to be replaced. I've been told that the first step should be Invisalign. My black triangles and visible margins on my veneers are so unsightly! Can I wear a gingival mask while undergoing Invisalign treatment so that, at least, I can smile in the meantime? I wonder would it fall out easily. Is it very noticeable or would it blend nicely? What would something like this cost?

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Black triangles during invisalign

Good news, while wearing invisalign you probably will not see any of those black triangles and thus should not have to worry about wearing gingival mask

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