Areola Reduction and Nipple Correction? (photo)

When my nipples are not erect, the size/puffiness of my areolas creates a droopy/deflated appearance to my breasts (particularly my right breast which is smaller). Also, my right nipple is different in shape/size from my left nipple (elongated/rectangular vs. circular). I have considered breast augmentation in the past, but I think just addressing the size of my areolas/shape of my right nipple would be enough to give me more confidence. Am I a good candidate for surgery? Thank you!

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Nipple correction

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Most women have differences from one breast to the other. In your case the asymmetry is relatively minor although I understand it can be very bothersome to you.  You could have your right areola reduced but this would leave a circular scar around it which would create another asymmetry (scar on the right and none on the left) so it may not be worth doing the surgery.  The right nipple elongation could be corrected by removing some of it in the center and bringing the elongated edges (upper and lower halves in your case) to meet closer together in the middle.  Nipple scars tend to do very well and are often almost unnoticable, but the procedure could prevent you from breast feeding on that side in the future if you chose to do so.  Overall, I would probably advise you to leave well enough alone.  There are a lot of women who would love to have breasts like yours.

Kingsport Plastic Surgeon

Nipple areola reduction

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Most women have breasts that have some degree of asymmetry. You seem to have a larger right breast and a corresponding larger right areola. The larger size is a normal anatomic variant.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Nipple areolar correction

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It is possible to reduce the size of your right areola surgically. I find this is best done when both areola are operated on to achieve symmetry. Breast of luck :). 

Kevin Tehrani, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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