Capsular contracture 3 months post-op. Surgeon wants to do lift on CC breast but I think it will make asymmetry worse.

May 4th I had surgery and developed a hematoma. Surgeon did not drain it even though I was in constant pain. I developed capsular contracture and am still in pain. Surgeon says he needs to perform a lift on CC breast during capsulotomy. My breasts had mild ptosis (I requested no lift at time of BA) but IMO the severe ptosis now is from bad implant placement, and I think a lift one one side will make asymmetry even worse. I've a follow up to talk about concerns, but was hoping for input from you

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Post op problems

Dear Ambersue,I'm sorry you had this problem!  It looks like you had a really nice result initially, but now are pretty shrunken on the contracted side.  I would discuss this with your surgeon again - and the bottom line is - if you don't want a lift, don't get one.  As you were a little large and more ptotic on the left than the right, your surgeon might consider a slightly larger implant on the right to try to even things out.  The most important thing before any revision surgery is that you and your surgeon agree on the issues and the plan to address them.  As much as I encourage you to work with the plastic surgeon who did the original surgery, if you can't see eye to eye it may be time to get some other opinions.  Remember to look for a board certified surgeon, and best of luck.M. Renee Jespersen MD

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Capsular contracture

I agree with you.  Beware of a lift on the side with a cc.  In my opnion (44 years experience), the only real teatment for a cc is capsulECTOMY, nor capsulOTOMY.  The liklihood of recurrence is very high with capsuolotomeyonly. Judging from the high point above your nipple, I would do a capsulectomy and repositioning of the implant.  Good luck!

Paul Silverstein, MD (retired)
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