Can my nose be corrected after 3 revision rhinoplasties? (Photo)

After 4 operations over the last 4 years to remove a small bump after breaking my nose it is still there. But the surgeon has removed parts of my nose unnecessarily and without my consent. He has caused a polly beak deformity, deviated septum to the left, scooped out my nasal bridge for some reason and removed only left cartilage from my tip for some reason also. I am trying to find a surgeon in the UK that will be experienced enough for a complete nose reconstruction. Could this be corrected.

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Revision rhinoplasty

I'm sorry you have had so much trouble with your past surgeries. I think as with almost all revision rhinoplasty, significant improvement is possible. You should see an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon for an in person examination because after multiple surgeries, the physical exam is very important in deciding what is possible.

Best of luck

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The more you self diagnose and the more you accuse your doctor of doing the wrong things and the wrong surgery, the less likely you will find a doctor to operate on you

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