Has my gastric band slipped?

Been banded 3 years and was at restriction for 18 months and maintained my weight for this time but 3 months ago I had a stomach bug which made me violently sick. After its I suffered serous heart burn and eating anything was virtually impossible. I had 0.5mil removed taking me back down to 6ml in a 10ml band. This instantly relieved my symptoms but now I have no restriction at all. I have never been able to each much even when first banded with no fluid in my band to start with. Please help!

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Don't know

You need an x-ray of your band in order to determine that. That will tell you if it slipped.  If it has then there is a chance it will return to normal - but you will need to be on a liquid diet for a bit. If not, then check out the reference I listed.

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