Rhinoplasty: Why I cant breath easily yet?

I had a rhinoplasty 12 of july 2016 a closed technique.i still cant breath properly , I seen my surgeon and he just said use a spray for blocked nose and a cream ,that is not helping , he said if it doent become easier will see after a year, I didnt get what he meant ? Can anyone recommend what should I use to help with breathing easily please Thank you

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Swelling vs obstruction

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Thanks for the great question and I'm sorry you're having these issues breathing. Inability to breath may still be due to swelling after surgery, although by now most of that should be down. Depending on how your rhinoplasty was done, things could have moved around and actually made your breathing worse. The final reason is that whatever was causing the obstruction initially (cartilage, turbinates, bone) may still be in the way as it was not completely removed during the first surgery. In my opinion, waiting a little bit longer is not bad advice. It is difficult to tell what exactly is going on without seeing you in person. If you don't understand something the surgeon says, ask them to do a better job of explaining it to you. You as the patient deserve that. Best of luck!

~Dr. Sieber

San Francisco General Surgeon
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