PIH and roughness 7 weeks post Fraxel Restore. Is my skin ruined permanently? (Photo)

I did fraxel restore for second time on my shallow cheek acne scar 7 weeks ago. First time had no issue but second time frequency was increased(jumped from 17 to 20). My skin looks red still on one side and more brown on other side not to mention the waxy look and rough texture. My skin is ruined and my doctor gave me only vitamin c to use daily. Is my skin ruined permanently? no signs of heeling and texture is bumpy and raised . Can anybody help me plzz?

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Fraxel, post treatment results varying...

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Hang in there!  Results still continue to improve months after a Fraxel treatment.  I encourage my patients to use after care products like Skin Medica TNS Recovery as well as IS Clinical ProHeal Serum to achieve optimal healing.  Consider these products and contact your provider. 

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FRAXEL and recovery

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It can take a few months for redness to settle. Scars can take 4 months to remodel. The biggest mistake is if you do not seek help early. Notify your practitioner and he or she can address your issues. There are always methods, inclining low level laser, silicone, and creams to help with your skin healing. 

All the best

Dr Davin Lim

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation From Lasers -- Skin Lightening, Light Peels, microsecond YAG

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It takes 6-12 weeks sometimes post fraxel to get improvement.  skin lightening creams, microneedling, aerolase microsecond yag, and lower energy RF devices like venus viva can help at this time.  Please see an expert. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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