Bilateral silicone implant ruptures, how likely is it for the manufacturer to cover the cost of extraction & lift? (Photos)

I went in for an exploratory a ultrasound and mammogram after I was concerned of a breast lump. Good news no tumour, bad news is the ultrasound showed significant clouding that could be the result of a rupture.I needed to have an MRI to determine if that was the case. MRI showed bi-lateral ruptures. I also have pain in my axillary gland, a reacuring aching in my breast(muscle pain?) and pectoral flexion animation.

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Silicone implants. cost and guarantee

Hi. Thank you for your question. Usually implant manufactures have a guarantee for implant ruptures and they are committed to give you new ones. But unfortunately they don`t pay for the fees for the surgeon or the hospital.In your case i would recommend to talk to a certified plastic surgeon and go through options. Whether you just want or need to change the implants or if you prefer to do a lift and change of implants. The second option would definitely give you a younger look.

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Warranty for Rupture

Warranties typically extend for 10 years and the exact amount depends on the benefits at the time of your augmentation. I have seen warranties for 1200.00, 2400.00 and more recently 3500.00. The warranty provides a specified amount of money, not to cover your surgery at any cost. Your surgeon can get the exact information at the time of your consultation or even ahead of time if you call in advance of your appointment. After 10 years the only remaining warranty benefit is that the company provides a free replacement implant if you choose to have them replaced.

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Ruptured implants

Assuming the MRI results are correct and you have ruptured implants (there is only about a 2% false positive rate with MRI, so you almost certainly have ruptures), the answer to your question depends on what brand and how old your implants are. The US FDA approved implants all have a lifetime warranty on implant replacement in the case of rupture (meaning they will give you the implants for free), and they also will generally cover around $3500 towards the cost of surgery if the implants are less than 10 years old.  Some of these rules might be different in Canada. The best thing for you to do is to meet with your original plastic surgeon (or a new one if necessary) and they can contact the implant company and help you sort this situation out.  You will probably have to cover some of the OR, anesthesia and surgery costs, but anything you get from the implant company will obviously be helpful to your bottom line.  Good luck!

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