Can a Butt Implant Be Placed Through a Butt/outer Thigh Lift Incision?

I've already had a tummy tuck, and just scheduled a butt/ lateral thigh lift and breast lift/augmentation. I've been told I'm a candidate for butt implants but have reservations about the cut. Would it be possible to insert an intramuscular butt implant via the incision for the butt/ thigh lift? This would put me at ease with opting for this addition. I'm not comfortable with the idea of a lower crease or upper butt crack incision.

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Buttock implant placement via buttock/thigh lift incision

The incision over the tailbone (at the top within the buttock crease) is the gold standard because it is inconspicuous and gives access to both sides.  However if you are undergoing a buttock/thigh lift procedure at the same time then these much larger incisions can be utilized for access to the gluteus maximus muscle for placement of buttock implants under the muscle.  Glad to help...

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Butt Implant

Butt implants can be inserted through a lateral thigh and but lift incision. In fact this is a very large incision which makes visualization and dissection of the intramuscular pocket easier and possibly less chance of contamination. It requires multiple layers of closure of the dissection to assure no migration of the implant.

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Can a Butt Implant Be Placed Through a Butt/outer Thigh Lift Incision?

Yes, buttock implants can be placed easily through this large exposure.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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