Is there particular nose shapes that are less/more attractive on certain face shapes?

I've struggled to identify what I do/do not like about my nose and ever changing set of concerns. I.e nostrils: hate/Love, width/hate love. Initially, "balance/symmetry" yet drawn to vague subjective terms like 'soft' & 'feminine' which have undefined parameters. I look at faces & I notice that all the faces I love have noses quite different from the next. How do you pin point what will be best for your face; both when it's still & animated - surely looking quite different depending?

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Is there particular nose shapes that are less/more attractive on certain face shapes?

Hello and thank you for your question.You highlight an important point. Making a decision about Cosmetic Surgery is a combination of your input and expectations and the Plastic Surgeon's experience, expertise and communications with you.So, what I mean by this, is I need you to help me understand what you don't like. The parts you would like to look different. I can then help you in offering options or solutions that may deal with those issues. Using my experience I can discuss with you where certain options and solutions are possible on your face. Some just won't work with your anatomy. Some may really help. So, for example, if you loved a particular picture of someone's nose, I could discuss with you if parts of that nose would match your nose and advise where they would(or would not) match the rest of your face. All important points.It's both of us working together, and this is where the communication between us becomes really important. It is essential that your expectations and my suggestions or options for surgery both match! Good luck with your journey.

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Is there particular nose shapes that are less/more attractive on certain face shapes?

Thank you for your question. If you are contemplating having nasal surgery I think it is important to be very clear about what you would like to achieve and what changes are important to you. If you are constantly changing your mind or are unsure, I certainly would recommend holding off on any surgery. You can always book a consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon to ask their opinion but prior to surgery you do need to be clear about your goals. Ideally a nose should balance and complement the facial features. Proportion and symmetry and probably the most important factors to consider. Good luck.RegardsDr Guy Watts

Thats the surgeons job!!!!!

The surgeon has to have the artistic and aesthetic talent as well as the physical ability, discipline and skill to do the job, combined with experience to know how it is going to turn out!

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Hi. The most important thing in a cosmetic rhinoplasty is that your expectations meet with the result that can be achieved with surgery. In reality there are only a number of changes which can be done and a qualified plastic surgeon (check the asps website) can guide you in what is achievable.Regards

Pin pointwhat nose will suit your face

The beast way is to discuss your concerns with an experienced plastic surgeon.At your consultation bring photos of what noses appeal to you and ones you think look good.Also bring images of yourself were you think you didn't looks good ,may be a selfie.Your surgeon will do digital imaging with you to see if a certain nose will give you the desired result.Take your time and do your research thoroughly before committing to a rhinolasty.

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Rhinoplasty planning

Thanks for your question.  It is very common for patients considering rhinoplasty to look to external examples for potential changes.  I would caution you from expecting a certain celebrity's nose after a procedure.   A rhinoplasty operation alters your native cartilage and nasal bones, and will never be identical to someone else's.  The goal of the procedure is to make alterations that will fit your face.  Additionally, there is no "ideal nose".  There are ethnic, cultural, and body type variations that all influence aesthetics.  I would recommend consultation with a surgeon(s), many of which can use some picture morphing to help communicate planned/suggested changes for your particular face.

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