Can concealer ruin my transplant 10 days post surgery ?

10 days post procedure my doctor told me it was ok to use concealer (Mane) . I put the concealer in whilst my hair was still crusty real real scabbing ) after washing my hair ( gentle rubbing ) it seems I have lost alot of the transplanted hair with the crusts that have come off . Is this normal ? I did not expect to lose this much hair this soon . No blood whatsoever more just like a clean break with the crust . Obviously freaking out I have ruined it now

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Shedding with Scabs

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Usually using a concealer 10 days past your surgery would be totally fine, but most recommend to wait until the scabs/crusts have fallen off. Generally transplanted hairs usually fall out starting around day 10 up through day 60, so the fact that hairs fell out isn't a cause for concern, unless there was pain or blood associated with them.

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In general concealers would not "ruin" a hair transplant surgery especially after 10 days. If you're concerned

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In general concealers would not "ruin" a hair transplant surgery especially after 10 days.  If you're concerned, it is best to contact your doctor.

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Concealers can be used if all of the crusts have been off of the recipient area for one seek.  This avoids the powder from getting under the crusts

William Rassman, MD
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Using a concealer after a transplant

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It doesn't sound like there was any damage to the transplanted hair, specifically if there wasn't any blood.  I allow patients to use concealers such as topik as early as day 3.  Its normal for the transplanted hair to shed as early as 5 days after the transplant when the scabs start to come off.

Justin Misko, MD
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Hair transplant recovery

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At 10 days after a hair transplant, the grafts are well-healed.  The crusting you are seeing are the dry out skin edges of the transplanted grafts.  It is normal for these to fall out at this point after your hair transplant.  If you have concerns, visit with your surgeon to have them monitor your healing.  

Concealer ruin my transplant

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This is normal ...Transplanted graft’s hair starts to shedding in the first week of surgery and may go on untill 4-6 th weeks after surgery. İt is not surprising to lost approx.  %70-80 of all transplanted hair shafts in first month when you are washing, gently rubbing  or touching the head.

Ilhan Serdaroglu, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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